(Chamada para rede fixa nacional)
(Chamada para rede fixa nacional)

TVDE Training

Looking for a way to increase monthly income? Carrying passengers can be a simple way to do this. In fact, this has been the solution for many families who need a little extra in their budget or want to completely change the course of their lives. However, to be able to carry out this activity, you must obtain TVDE training.

The law No. 293/2018 is the norm that approved the legal regime for the training of drivers for the Transport of Mischaracterized Vehicles – TVDE. This type of transport is carried out by registering on electronic platforms.

The objective of the training is to prepare and qualify drivers who work or intend to work in this activity. In this way, it is possible to guarantee technical, human and social skills to perform the function correctly.

Formation dates

first formation

All data described below require confirmation of availability at the Driving School.


11, 12 and
13 of December

09h to 18h
Presential / E-learning


14, 15 and
18 of December

09h to 18h
Presential / E-learning


21, 22 and
26 of December

09h to 18h
Online / E-learning


18, 19, 20, 21,
22 and 26 of December

18:30h to 22:30h
Online / E-learning

Documentation required for your enrollment in the initial formation:

To work on the platforms you will need to have a criminal regist, as well as the group 2 endorsement on your driving licence. The endorsement of group 2 can be fully handled with the driving school, before, during or after your formation.

After starting your TVDE training with the Odivelas Driving School and attending 3 days with the teachers, you will have to complete around 25 hours in online/e-learning format. During the training, the information about elearning part will be shared with you so that you can obtain your card as quickly as possible.

To start your training, press the “Access to the elearning” button and enter your personal data and begin to taking care of everything. If you have any questions, you can always contact us through your class’s whatsapp group or contact us directly through telephone contacts.

Formation dates

Renew formation

All data described below require confirmation of availability at the Driving School.


05 and 06 of December

18:45h to 22:45h

Necessary documentation for enrolling in formation to renew your driver's license:

Renewal of your driver card must take place while the card remains within its validity period. If your card has expired, you will need to complete the initial TVDE training.

The formations described above will just happen if we have, at least, 15 students in each date.

Everything you need to take on consideration

Taking into account the popularization of these vehicles, it is essential that drivers prioritize safety in a passenger vehicle. In addition, respect for traffic signs and rules are essential for everyone’s safety. Therefore, TVDE training aims at the adoption of adequated driving techniques.

The pre-requisites for a TVDE driver are:

  • Have a B category driving license for more than 3 years, with endorsement in Group 2 (but you can do the training before having group 2 or 3 years of driving licence)
  • Suitability, proven by presenting the Criminal Regist Certificate

It is also important to know that TVDE training lasts 50 hours and includes 6 modules of program content.

You can take the TVDE training even if you don't have a portuguese ID or a portuguese driving licence. But after, to start working in the activity, you will already need a Portuguese driving license and, at least, a residence card.


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(Chamada para a rede fixa nacional)

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